Video Camera inspection

No More Guessing Whats Wrong!
With our Video Camera Inspection service you are able to see the condition of your drains in real time. The technician inserts the end of the video camera cable into your drain and from his monitor you are able to see what would otherwise be guesswork. With a proper video camera inspection of your drains, we are able to detect shifts is the pipe, dislocations, and root intrusion.

With our equipment we can even locate your drains and tell you with precision where problems are present even if buried twenty feet underground. Our Sewer Cameras can Inspect 2 Inch Drain Lines all the way up to 36 Inch Storm Lines.

Video Camera Inspection Uses

  • Before & After Drain Cleaning Work
  • Diagnose Frequent Sewer Backups
  • Determine Sewer Line Length and its Path
  • Retrieve Items Accidentally Lost in Drains (Even Animals!)
  • Remove a Stuck or Seized Sewer Cable

Ask Your Real Estate Agent For a Copy
Before you purchase a home it is vital that you request a video camera inspection performed on your home’s main sewer line. This is done to foresee future problems such as root intrusion and collapse. Every home built with cast iron or clay tile style of drains should have one before purchased to avoid costly repairs in the future. We work with hundreds of Real Estate Agents and Brokers who ask for a detailed report on sewer line conditions before a home a sold.