Sewer Line Root Intrusion

Tree Roots In Your Sewer Line
Sewer line collapse, de-alignments, and dislocations are often caused by heavy root intrusion. When Blockages are caused by roots, Our preferred method of getting rid of them is by using a Heavy Duty sewer snake and a Sharp Spade Tool to determine that we have no collapse or dangerous conditions for our equipment to travel though.

Once the drain has been cleared and water has drained, we perform a video camera inspection to determine the cause of the blockage.

If our camera shows that roots are the problem we use a variety of root cutting tips ranging from “C-Type Cutters“, “Spiral Saw Cutters“, and lastly an “Expandable Root Cutter” to clean the entire diameter of the sewer line.

Our method takes approximately 45 – 60 Minutes from start to finish but we guarantee that your drains wont be having any issues for up to a one year.

How Do Tree Roots Enter My Sewer System?
Before you can understand how tree roots have entered your sewer line you must first understand how older sewer line systems were created and sealed. Your main sewer line from your home to the street is not a solid line. Instead it is a divided in various lengths and put together by using a hub or bell housing and insulated with a hemp like material.

This system is not watertight and allows for roots to enter sewer lines and cause blockages and damage.