Sewer Line Repair

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement:
Your home’s Sewer system is made up of a combination of different sized drains and materials. The vast majority of residential homes we service have a combination of Iron Drains and then Clay Tile which connects to the main city sewer.

These Iron Drain Lines are often four inches (4′) in size and then once they connect to the Clay Tile they increase to Six Inches (6′) in diameter. The most common reason for sewer line failure is Root Intrusion.

Once tree roots have infiltrated the sewer system and traditional drain cabling fails to solve the problem due to dislocations, de-aliments, or collapse; then Sewer Line repair or replacement may be needed to allow for waste water to exit your home.

Certified Excavator Operator:
Our Plumbers rely on the help of dedicated Backhoe or Mini-Excavator operators to create a path for the sewer line replacement to take place. This ensures that our crew is safe and the correct person is doing the job.

Once our plumbers have established that sewer line replacement is needed we put into action a plan to accommodate the homeowner.  We explain every aspect of the sewer line repair process to the client and what length of sewer is to be replaced and when we are able to both begin and finish the job.


Upgrading from Iron Drain Lines or Clay Tile to PVC Plastic is Today’s Standard 

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Licensed Master Plumber:
Every city in the State of Michigan is different and requires for plumbers to request for a plumbing permit as well as for an inspection by a city clerk. Whenever Mi Drain Cleaning performs an excavation or sewer line replacement we follow state and local ordinances to comply with the rules that we laid out to protect the homeowner and ourselves. Our master plumber is registered with the state of Michigan and is able to answer all questions regarding the cost of permits, bonds, and date of inspection for the sewer line replacement.