Main Sewer Snaking

Main Sewer Line Backups
Your Home’s Main Sewer Line is responsible for carrying all the solid and liquid waste you dispose of in your drains and every day. This system of drains includes your sinks, bathtub, laundry tub, toilet, and shower.

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How To Spot a Main Sewer Clog
Sewage water will typically overflow out of the lowest possible opening in your home. In most cases in Michigan, this would be your basement’s floor drains or toilets.

In other cases, if your home is on a concrete slab, you will notice gurgling in your toilets and sometimes water will collect in your bathtub or laundry floor drains as those are the lowest spots on a concrete slab home.

If Sewage Backs Up In Your Home
Remove valuable items before they come in contact with raw sewage. If you have time, move items in basement away from floor drains and contaminated areas. Keep in mind that raw waste water carries some of the unhealthiest conditions know to humans and coming in contact with sewage can lead to Serious Health Problems.

  • Do NOT run any water down your drains until the drains have been cleared, this can lead to flooding.
  • Check with a neighbor to determine backup is widespread in your neighborhood.
  • Call an Experienced Plumber if the backup is withing your main sewer line.

How To Prevent Sewer Backups
Avoid pouring food and grease down your kitchen drains to prevent blockages in your main sewer line along with large amounts of tissue and non-flushable items.

Yearly root preventative maintenance plan could extend the life of your home’s main sewer line.  It is also a good idea to perform a video camera inspection to determine the condition of the drain line and to be able to prevent blockages.

The DO NOT Flush List: These items Will Clog Your Sewer Line.

  • Paper Towels & Napkins
  • Baby Wipes & Feminine Products
  • Diapers or Clothing

Does Your Insurance Policy Cover Sewage Backups?
Your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy should include Sewage Backups or Water Damage Coverage to help with the cost of remediation.  Property owners should confirm that they are adequately insured.