Garbage Disposal Repair

Jammed, Clogged, or Leaking Garbage Disposal
Your garbage disposal unit was built to handle light food and grease residue left from cooking utensils. When large quantities of food are placed in the disposal chute it can overwhelm the system and cause a kitchen sink clog. Call Mi Drain Cleaning to diagnose your garbage disposal unit or unclog your kitchen drain line today. One of the main causes for your garbage disposal to not work is that it may not be receiving power.


When To Call a Plumber
If the unit does not make a humming sound or even attempt to cycle check for a reset button underneath the bottom of the disposal. Press this button and check again.

It is also important to locate your hex key jam clearing tool from underneath the sink or taped to the garbage disposal unit itself. If the disposal unit is jammed; you can use this tool in a back and forth action to clear the jam.

What To Check for Before Calling a Plumber?

  • Main Circuit Breaker Panel
  • Reset Button Underneath the Disposal
  • Locate The Hex Key Jam Clearing Tool