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NEW! - DRAIN CLEANING $97.50 - 30 Day Warranty - "It FLOWS or its FREE" ™

Commercial Drain Cleaning

  • Rental Property Sewer Cleaning
  • Slow Running Sink and Tub Snaking
  • Homeowner Associations (HOAs)
  • Restaurant Main Sewer Line Cabling
  • Apartment Building Drain Maintenance
  • Storm Drain Line Snaking
  • Clogged Toilet and Urinals

Main Sewer Line Cleaning

  • Aggressive Sewer Snaking
  • In-line Video Camera Inspection
  • Sewer Line Root Intrusion
  • Ridgid k1500 Main Sewer Snake
  • Spartan Model 300 Sewer Machine
  • Spartan Model 100 Sink & Tub Machine
  • Ridgid Sewer Video Camera (200ft)
  • Tarps & Floor Shield Protestant
  • Shoe & Boot Cover Carpet Shield
  • Company Van & Uniformed Technician

Residential Drain Cleaning

  • Main Sewer Snaking
  • Clogged Floor Drains
  • Slow Running Toilets
  • Backed Up Laundry Tubs
  • Kitchen Sink Line Clearing
  • Storm Drain Line Snaking
  • Bathtub and Shower Drain Cleaning

We’re Sewer & Drain Cleaners.. Not Salesmen

Our company provides residential and commercial sewer & Drain Cleaning Services. Our Sewer Cleaners arrive to your home or place of business he informs you of; Why The Problem Occurred, What We Can Do To Help and more importantly the Cost to solve your problem. All of our services are authorized by the client before they commence thus no surprises when the bill arrives. If our price is reasonable (90% of time we are 30% less expensive than our competitors) then we perform the work. Its a simple way of doing business and its an effective way to satisfy our clients.

Did You Know? - 84% of our clients are referred by Word-Of-Mouth and not a TV or Radio Commercial. Our relationship with our clients begin before they ever call to schedule and appointment with us.

Timothy B. - Farmington Hills, MI 06/11/2015

Frank came out and fixed an ongoing problem that three other professionals couldn’t fix. He was courteous, punctual, professional, and also helpful in getting me to understand what the problem was and what I can do in the future to prevent it. Make sure you get Frank to come out. You won’t regret it... Read More

Rose P. - Wixom, MI 06/26/2015

My name is Rose and I recently moved to my new apartment in Wixom where on the second day of moving in my husband poured coffee grounds down the garbage disposal and managed to jam it. I was not feeling lucky enough to stick my hand or his down the drain to dislodge whatever was stuck so we went to google and looked up a plumber nearby... Read More